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Adaptive Snowsports Canterbury Inc

Code of Conduct, Terms & Conditions, Rules


Our Mission

To encourage and support people with disabilities to experience the thrill of alpine skiing in Canterbury


Health & Safety

Adaptive Snowsports Canterbury endeavours to provide a safe and caring environment for its members, staff, officers and volunteers and has Health & Safety procedures in place to manage the inherent risks associated with activities undertaken by the organisation.

Notwithstanding the above, Adaptive Snowsports Canterbury, its staff, officers, volunteers and members will not be liable for any injury or damage that may be sustained to person or property during Adaptive Snowsport Canterbury activities.


Rules of Behaviour

Adaptive Snowsports Canterbury will not tolerate any behaviour (including violence and bad language) which impinges upon the physical or mental safety of members, staff, officers or volunteers.

In being admitted as member, staff, officer or volunteer of Adaptive Snowsports Canterbury, the said person agrees to be respectful to all other members, staff, officers and volunteers; to treat others in a way they would like to be treated; be helpful and polite; and to respect all equipment of Adaptive Snowsports Canterbury and other participants.

Infringement of the Rules of Behaviour may result in suspension from Adaptive Snowsports Canterbury activities as directed by the Adaptive Snowsports Canterbury Committee.


Complaints Procedure

Any complaint against Adaptive Snowsports Canterbury, its staff, officers, volunteers, or other members should be addressed in writing to the Chair of the Adaptive Snowsports Canterbury Committee and emailed to chair@asc.org.nz


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